Date: Saturday 1st July – Saturday 12th August
Location: Foreshore, Apollo Bay
Tickets: Free Event

WildWood is a foreshore installation by local artist Finglesin that will be erected for the opening weekend and burnt during the festival’s closing night ceremony.

The WildWood grows in the heart of Apollo Bay, brought to life out of the dark heart of the rainforest. This is our tree; we grew it in the soil of the Otways. It is everything that we are.  At first it is just a bare skeleton. But look again. Don’t look away.

The spirit of the whale swims through the space between the branches and will take your secret to the depths of the ocean. The swamp wallaby grazes beneath, hidden in the dark. She will slip your wishes into her pouch and carry them off into the forest. The black cockatoo flies in at dusk. He brings the rain with him and will cry your messages to the dead. The snake curls at the WildWood’s base. He is the dark partner who will relieve you of the curses you carry inside.

We are the ones who grow the leaves with our memories and stories. The animals will carry your message where it needs to go, you only need to write the words and give them to the WildWood. At the end of the season the Wildwood burns and no trace will be left of the stories it has collected.

The WildWood is a place of secrets. Wooden leaves crafted for Australian wood veneers will be available for sale. Choose the right creature to carry your message, write your words on the leaf and have them hung on the tree. You will be able to keep a token of your confession to carry away. The WildWood will be set alight during the festival’s closing night ceremony on August 12 .


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