The Sublime

Take an audio guided walking tour of a picturesque landscape and ponder the meaning of life, with an emphasis on the subjectivity of the human experience. Wear hiking boots, dress warm and for wet weather, and be prepared to experience apprehension and awe, as you are confronted by the insignificance of your own existence. Don’t worry, artificial intelligence guides, Tom and Julia, are there to guide you through the highs and lows of everything you are going to feel. This 86,000 sq m quarry is a safe space.

Following the sell-out show The Subject for WinterWild, Arie Rain Glorie and These Are The Project We Do Together, bring you The Sublime. Another exploration of the glorification of nature and subjective emotions, this day time experience offers a more satirical look at the key themes of Romanticism.

Please note: The journey may include some slopes and uneven ground. You will be required to walk for 40 minutes. 

The Quarry

1505 Old Beech Forest Road, Beech Forest

Saturday 11th August 11 | 1pm | $15 per person

Saturday 11th August | 4pm | $15 per person

Special Sunset Tour Saturday 11th August | 5pm | $25 per person

Sunday 12th August | 1pm | $15 per peron

Special Sunset Tour Sunday 12th August | 5pm | $25 per person