Date: Saturday 12th August, 7.00pm
Location: Apollo Bay foreshore
Tickets:  Online ticket sales have closed. Remaining tickets are now available for purchase at the events site on Saturday from 12midday. For enquiries, please phone 0448 795 505.
Price: Dinner $35 + drinks


On the wall of Steve Earl’s Apollo Bay restaurant, La Bimba hangs a painting of a cow’s carcass after slaughter. The head, intact, looks at you with a human eye. We are all part of the same system, we are all sentient beings and all life relies ultimately on death. Earl requests a quiet honour and deep respect for the life of the animal. A life is not to be taken lightly.

The Offering will be delivered asado, the Brazilian act of both cooking the meat over flame and inviting community to witness its preparation and share its consumption.  Join us from 1am when the chef crew will build the fire on the Apollo Bay foreshore, allowing a deep bed of hot coals to build before a whole animal is given to the flames for 18 hours. Dinner will be shared in the darkness by the fire from 7.00pm. Drinks will be available at bar prices.


The Offering’ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the event all about?

During the Winterwild planning, Steve approached the festival organisers about cooking a whole beef carcass over coals. The time needed for this process means that people can observe the preparation and share the meal together. Steve values sourcing local produce, in particular meat that is organic, free-range and grass-fed. Steve is an expert on every part of this process. He went to the source (farm), selected the cow, drove it to the abattoir and will cook it knowing a life has been sacrificed but the quality of life of the animal was not jeopardised.

Will the event be seated or standing?

You are welcome to bring a camping chair or stool with you to the event.

Is the event OK for kids?

Anyone who is willing to brave the elements on the night is welcome to join us for dinner – including kids.  Kids under 12 can pay $15 cash for a smaller portion on the night.

Is there a wet weather contingency plan?

As part of the event and rustic nature of roasting a beef carcass over coals outdoors, Steve and his team will be braving the elements rain, hail or shine. As part of your contingency plan we suggest you bring an umbrella and a raincoat. The actual fire will be under a small marquee tent.

When will Steve light the fire?

Steve will light the fire at sometime between 11pm and midnight on Friday 11 August. He will then stay close to the fire all night to manage it and start roasting the beef. Please note, you don’t need an event ticket to witness the lighting of the fire. The official event commences at 7pm on Saturday 12 August.

Is there an allocated area for ‘The Offering’?

‘The Offering’ event is located on the Apollo Bay Foreshore reserve, close to the Apollo Bay tourist information centre. An area will be roped off that is specific to the event.

Is there an entry fee?

Tickets to the event are $35 + booking fee. For those who want to come to the event but not eat the beast, there is a $5 entry fee to cover costs to run such an event and will give you access to the bar and the atmosphere of the event. The official event commences at 7pm on Saturday 12 August.

Do we need to bring our tickets to the event?

There will be a table set up on Saturday at the Apollo Bay foreshore reserve from midday for those who have bought tickets to swap them over for the event wristband and collect your food voucher. Look out for signs saying, ‘The Offering’. If you aren’t able to make it on the Saturday during the afternoon, we’ll see you at the entrance at 7pm where you can swap your ticket over for a wristband and food voucher.

Please note: lost wristbands and food vouchers will not be replaced by event organisers.

Do you cater for dietary requirements as part of the event?

The food is for those who identify as carnivores but there will be vegetables available. The beef was sourced from Matt at the Forrest Brewery’s farm. A grass-fed, free-range Black Baldy has given his life for ‘The Offering’. The food at the event is gluten free.

Are there toilets?

Toilets are available next to the Apollo Bay tourist information centre, about 20 metres from where the event is held.


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