Dogwatch: The Word

Mantra, Sheree Stewart and Mama Boho

WinterWild Brazier

Apollo Bay Foreshore

30 August 7 pm [30 mins]

free event

Words of power by the WinterWild fire.


Michael Johnson and Evripides Evripidou

Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church 

1-3 Nelson St, Apollo Bay

30 August 8:00 pm [2 hours]

$35 + booking fee

Breathe is a collaborative creation by harpist Michael Johnson and guitarist Evripides Evripidou, now known as Breathe Music, and inspired by the beauty of this planet. Evripidou and Johnson allow their compositions to take you on a journey through space and nature as they dedicate this work to honouring the Earth. This sublime collection of pieces is inspired by the gifts from the natural world, with pieces titled Song for the Amazon, Nature’s Dance, Glacier and Sunrise.

Mantra: The Word

Mantra, with support from Alistair Turrill

Apollo Bay Surf Lifesaving Club

Apollo Bay Foreshore

30 August 8:30pm [90 mins]

$25 + booking fee

Mantra is a rapper’s rapper. He’s a rapper with a poet’s heart and a virtuoso’s flair. He is a vocal athlete and artist with compassion and empathy. His work has a soul, a social conscience and a passionate embrace of words and their power. Mantra will embrace this year’s WinterWild themes in a dedication to the word, its power and its universality.

The Grogans at ABH

Apollo Bay Hotel

95 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay

30 August 9 pm

free event

The Grogans are three best mates from Melbourne, who play a variety of music, mainly focusing on a spacey Surf/Rock, however, there are hints of gutsy blues rhythms and dirty grunge/punk driving grooves that completes their sound as well as even a cruisy, laid back reggae aspect.

The ever-developing three-piece are rolling into this year on the back of a string of support slots and festival appearances, along with touring the East Coast in support of their double A-side effort “Washed Out / Ride”. And with the garage band adding riff orientated jams into their homage to the surf rock of the ’60’s.

With their 2019 release of ‘How Would You Know’ the band will be embarking on their biggest National tour to date, heading to cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Wollongong and Mildura to name a few.

At the Brewhouse: The Refuge

The Refuge

Great Ocean Road Brewhouse

29 – 35 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay

30 August 9 pm

free event

Thunderous sound and energetic stage presence make local boys The Refuge a true Apollo Bay experience. Their powerful vocals, staggering guitar riffs, energetic drumming and killer bass recently saw The Refuge ranked third on the bands to watch list after King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Rolling Blackouts by the Weekly Review.

The Left Hand Path

Meet at the Apollo Bay Harbour

1 Trafalgar St, Apollo Bay

31 August 7:00 am [10 hours]

$399 + booking fee

Don’t look away. This is the true heart of WinterWild. This curated journey will shine a light into the glorious darkness of your body and mind, illuminating and celebrating all that is within you. To walk this path requires bravery and openness. Stand in the light of yourself and embrace your shadow self. You are all that there is, and you are entirely glorious. Offer up your fears in exchange for the gift of self-knowledge. We ask you to surrender. Details of the program will not be released in advance – know only that we will gather at the edge of the water as night submits to day.

I am without doctrine or judgement. I am without fear of divine retribution, this is a deception that ties us to our guilt. I will not travel that path. I choose instead to celebrate myself. My mind, my body and my consciousness will not be controlled or impeded. I am beauty. I am strength. I am power. I sing with deep and ecstatic pleasures. I am not afraid of the darkness within. I am the one I have I been waiting for.

The Right Hand Path

Meet at the Apollo Bay Harbour

1 Trafalgar St, Apollo Bay

31 August 7:00 am [10 hours]

$399 + booking fee

Walk the Right Hand Path at WinterWild. This exclusive experience involves the exploration of ritual, movement, and meditation from different spiritual traditions. The pathway has been mindfully curated by WinterWild to honour and explore your body and soul and to connect you with the energy of the earth and the heavens. We ask you to open your heart surrender: the program contains workshops not available on the open program, and details of the program will not be revealed in advance. This is a journey, an adventure.

The great web of all being extends through and around me. I feel them all, interconnected. The energy I transform within myself folds endlessly out into time and space. I move carefully and with grace, knowing that all I give will be returned three-fold. I am love. I am abundance. I am humility. I spin golden threads of grace and worship, weaving union with the divine. I reach my hand towards the light. As above, so below. 


Anthony McManus

Uniting Church Hall

51 Nelson St, Apollo Bay

31 August 10:00 am [1 hour]

$15 + booking fee

Move with the dawn of the day with yoga teacher Anthony McManus. The class will be accessible to everyone form beginners to those with more experience. The focus will be to have fun, warm the body and explore visions and ecstasies through pranayama and mindful movement. Please bring your own mat if you have one.

Fun Little Sex Games

Curious Creatures

venue TBA

31 August 12:15pm [2 hours]

$60 + booking fee

Fun little games and activities to support exploration of your sexuality and cultivate playful communication with your partners . Why fumble around with intimate contact and hope for the best, when you could be having exactly what you want, at precisely the level you want it? This Melbourne presents a series of little games and activities that can easily be used as ongoing practices. Learn how to have better sex! Over the course of the workshop you will learn how to recognise what you want, understand your boundaries, communicate all of this to a partner, get better at dropping fully into ‘giving’ or ‘receiving’ mode, and – finally! – embed consent and negotiation into your sex-life in a way that reflects your brand of sexy. This workshop is suitable for couples of all orientations and singles comfortable with being paired with either gender.

Width of a Circle:

The Songs Of David Bowie

Great Ocean Road Brewhouse

29 – 35 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay

31 August 3:00 pm [2.5 hours]

free event

Take your protein pills and put your helmets on at the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse for an exploration of the music of David Bowie. Curated by Michelle Fillmore and featuring a cast of talented locals, while away a lazy few hours.

The Delicious Bond

Richard Cornish 

Tastes of the Region at the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse

29 – 35 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay

31 August 3:00 pm

$15 + booking fee

What do mother’s milk, meteorites, Japanese broth, traditional cooking and aged cheese have in common? Umami. The taste of deliciousness is elemental to our existence and binds us together as humans.

Join leading Australian food writer, author and raconteur Richard Cornish as he explores the Delicious Bond, you will be amazed how far the bond stretches!


The Redemption

Part Two – Resurrection

Directed by Roderick Poole in collaboration with Eloise Wood and WildHoney Performing Arts.

Featuring the Snuff Puppets, along with the good citizens of Apollo Bay

Gather on the Great Ocean Road next to the Apollo Bay Surf Lifesaving Club

31 August 6:30 pm [1 hour]

free event

In a small fishing village at the edge of a huge dry continent, the children have all vanished. Down by the ocean the mothers keep a vigil while the fishers fish. When a lone fisher hauls in a rare catch, the whole village turns out to see. Is it an omen? Does it hold the answer to the missing children? Is what follows a barbaric path to redemption or a strange and touching love story?
“What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.” Werner Herzog
See the village turn out to tell its tale over two Saturday nights while the moon wanes, the waves wash in and the fires are lit.



Peter Ford Catering, Snuff Puppets, Janelle Da Silva

Apollo Bay Foreshore and Mechanics Institute 

31 August 8:00 pm

$120 + booking fee

Out of the smoke emerges Feastiality, a celebration of the ecstasies of the flesh. Join WinterWild and Peter Ford for the feast of the year, a visionary marriage of land and water. Peter Ford pays homage to the Chinese Year of the Pig with a spit roasted animal and a selection of charcuterie, paired with local eel. The Apollo Bay Foreshore will again be alight as Ford weaves his magic among the fires to prepare this epic feast. Dinner will be served in the Apollo Bay Mechanics Institute. This is dinner and a show WinterWild style. The evening will see you provoked and challenged with a sumptuous spread of entertainment introduced by the anarchic calamity of Snuff Puppets then followed by the sensual and subversive burlesque of Janelle Da Silva and friends.

This is a place to celebrate your animal instincts. This is not a vegetarian – friendly event. Feastiality is a licensed 18+ event. Drinks will be available at bar prices. 

The cooking fires will be burning on the foreshore throughout the day, come and immerse yourself in the sights and smells of feastiality.


Masala Bay Restaurant

31 August 8:00 pm

$70 + booking fee

Warm your WinterWild soul with a lavish vegetarian Indian feast at Apollo Bay’s own Indian restaurant. Beginning with a welcome drink, starters and WinterWild style entertainment, before 8 main courses, accompaniments and dessert, all shared, banquet style. For vegans, vegetarians and everyone who loves great food.

Little Lake Presents

Seagull, Yffer, Lucy Roleff

Apollo Bay Surf Lifesaving Club

Apollo Bay Foreshore

31 August 8:00 pm [3 hours]

$25 + booking fee

Little Lake is a record label that celebrates intimate epiphanies. Each moment is a fully realised song that is only rarely captured. Little Lake works to release those that are. This evening will feature Yffer, a band of inner voices that weave between dissonance and consonance, acceptance and despair, harsh textures of primitive electric guitars, drumming of bare simplicity, and a voice full of fearless vulnerability. Seagull will reveal the inner workings of a mind unhinged from everyday perception, carried by rolling waves of viola and organ that will lift the listener to a place where god and insanity are briefly united. Lucy Roleff will bring her fingers and guitar strings. They become the brush to paint her still life of the taking of tea, her landscape of leaves falling as a cloud is forming, her impression of a breath fully released. Lucy’s is a voice full of precise virtuosity that sings to the melancholy wonder of the unnoticed shadow, the unseen curl of lips.

An audience with Estelle Shircore 

Estelle Shircore

Private Home

To be confirmed upon booking

31 August 8:00 pm [1 hour]

$5 + booking fee

Estelle is currently studying at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney. Her house concert piano recitals have been a part of WinterWild since its inception and we are delighted to have this extraordinarily talented young performer home for the final weekend of the Festival.

Los Barrachos at ABH

Apollo Bay Hotel

95 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay

30 August 9 pm

free event

Los Borrachos was born from the twisted mind of Canadian songwriter/rocker Kevin Falkenberg along with fellow Canuck Big Bobby Francis. They have toured their music through much of Europe, Vietnam and Central and South America; with Falkenberg recently landing in Melbourne to form an Aussie Los Borrachos write the new album, Eddie & The Gravediggers and is now touring both throughout Australia and Internationally with their first tour overseas to headline The Coracle Beach Festival in Mui Ne, Vietnam.

The often intense, always passionate and occasionally strange songwriting comes to life with uni students Lukas Goodchild pounding out one anthem after another on the trombone and Eryn Mitchell keeping the bottoms moving on the double bass.

This five-piece band has proven to be a crowd favourite and critics are acclaiming their album ‘Eddie & The Gravediggers’ which dropped in September.

Moon Garden

Curated by Mythology and featuring

Otologic (Animals Dancing), DJ Kiti, Salvador Darling, Post Percy and DJ Sarah (Interstellar Fugitives).

Apollo Bay Sailing Club

Breakwater Road, Apollo Bay.

31 August 9:00 pm

$40 + booking fee

Enter the dark and blissful Moon Garden for a dance party that celebrates the end of winter and the birth of spring. We dance outside, next to the water, feet on the grass. We dance through the cold, we dance through the rain, we dance through the wind. We paint ourselves with mud and salt and bathe ourselves in smoke. We are warmed by fire and the movement of our bodies. We dance as winter tips over into spring. Movement is the gateway to bliss and ecstatic visions. Leave your words behind, you need only your body. Presented by Mythology and featuring Post Percy, Otologic and more.


Anthony McManus

Apollo Bay Surf Lifesaving Club

Apollo Bay foreshore

01 September 10:00 am [1 hour]

$15 + booking fee

Move with the dawn of the day with yoga teacher Anthony McManus. The class will be accessible to everyone form beginners to those with more experience. The focus will be to have fun, warm the body and explore visions and ecstasies through pranayama and mindful movement. Please bring your own mat if you have one.

Walking on Country

Indigenous speakers in discussion, moderated by  Richard Cornish

Hello Coffee

16 Oak Estate, Apollo Bay

1 September 10:30 am [2 hours]

$20 + booking fee

How do we move ahead on Country? Given all that has been lost, and all that has been taken, how do we restore a sense of optimism, meaning and connection? Join John Clarke, Jack Pascoe and an all Indigenous panel as we get to the heart of reconciliation and explore how to walk together on Country. Facilitated by Richard Cornish.

Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing)

Vitaya Soulcraft

Venue to be confirmed

01 September 11:00

$59 includes booking fee

Come on a guided Forest Bathing, or Shinrin Yoku experince – taking in and “bathing” in the forest energy, documented for its restorative, therapeutic and revitalising properties. More than bushwalking, this is a mindfulness and wellness practice that will expand your awareness and offer you a myriad of health benefits, like reducing stress, anxiety, and blood pressure, whilst boosting your immune system. Escape the daily grind, slow down your pace and open all your senses in a guided forest meditation in the lush Otways land. Soak in the beauty, magic and energy of this magnificent temperate rainforest, and maybe even spot a wedgetail eagle or a lazy koala. As part of your Forest Bathing experience, you will also sit in a Ceremonial Circle to set your intentions, call on the energies of the forest and go on a Shamanic Drum Journey to deepen your connection with your source and the land. Shamanic Drum Journey enables us to metaphysically travel to Shamanic realms, to work on the spiritual/energetic level to create positive changes in our physical reality. My medicine drum will take you on a Journey of connecting with the essence of the land to gather knowledge and guidance for challenges or questions you are confronted with in your daily life. This is a safe and relaxing experience that offers very powerful and profound insights and results (if you decide to put the insight into practice).









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