Roderick Poole

Otways farmer of free-range pigs, cows, sheep, alpacas, chickens, grower of truffles and brewer of fine ales. Erstwhile free-range street performer. Occasional director of free-ranging arts festivals.


Libby Riches

Professional greenie, erstwhile archaeologist, novice kendoka. Drives a 6 burner stovetop with a dual valve bialetti and takes her coffee, spirits and phone conversations short and straight up.

Art Director


Born in 1975 Finglesin is a prolific self taught Sculptor and Photographer. Finglesin now resides on the deep south coast of Victoria exploring its forests and oceans and is exercising his joys, loves, fears and dreams through fine timber, steel and concrete.

Marketing Manager & Programming

Bill Hurley Fraser

Bill is a skateboarding vinyl hawker with a background in the music industry. An Apollo Bay local who is freshly cultured from the last few years fermenting on the European festival and event circuit. Someone who works closely with food and beer on and off the clock. Bill will most likely be seen Djing on your iPod at your after party.

Community Co-ordinator

Nattie Murray

Nattie volunteers to organise volunteers finding the “common” in community. If she is not volunteering, she is helping out, or being a Mum. She is readily identifiable in pink or purple children’s clothing and loves hugs.

Small Venue Programming

Liz Waters

Liz is a former restaurateur, hospitality teacher, small sustainable farmer, always passionate foodie, currently in the business of cider. She is still trying to work out what she wants to be when she grows up.

Legals and Permits

Toby Fowler-Oates and Chris Cawkwel

Toby and Chris ensure we stay on the correct side of the thin blue line. Permits, licences, permissions and crucial certificates are produced as if out of thin air. If the festival gets into trouble, we know that Toby and Chris will be there to find a loophole and pull us through.


Danny Cox

If you want something burnt, blown up, incinerated or destroyed in a blaze of glory, Danny is your man. Locals, particularly those with (flammable) material possessions, know to stay on the right side of Danny Cox.

Programming Enigmas

Scotty McAllester and Samaan Fieck

About whom no more may be said.