Date: Saturday 12th August, 2.30pm – 4.00pm
Location: Apollo Bay Hotel
Tickets: Free Event


Immerse yourself in the heart of the Blues brought to you by Mountain Grey. With the fire roaring sit back and enjoy the lyrical poetry of front man Mike Robinson Koss (lead vocals/harmonicas/lyrics), often bringing a profound appreciation for all things nature (even in its bleakest and “wintery” forms), capturing an honest and genuine soul of real blues. Complemented perfectly by one of the most creative and tight musician contingents seen in quite a while. Steve James (guitar/vocals) brings some incredible vintage guitar tones and owns a suave, New Orleans-esque bluegrass/ragtime style of playing, which is accompanied seamlessly by the dexterous, sharp and precise bass-work of Luke Hynes (upright and electric bass).  All backed by a man who resonates soul, the Reverend Kev Foster (drums/percussion/vocals) from behind the drums bringing an equally creative yet tight complexity tying together the whole overall mix! Great truly fun band to see perform live, packed with heaps of character!

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