Date: Saturday 29th July, 8.00pm
Gig: The Mech: Air with Amy BodossianHorns of Leroy,  Spyndrift and Projector Bike
Location: The Mechanics Institute, Apollo Bay
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Price: $75 + booking fee


For all of his smartarse humour, there has always been a dark tinge to Mantra’s work. For a decade he has been one of the best MCs in Australia, loved as an underground hip-hop icon by a mix of his peers and his fans, earning the reputation of ‘your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper’. He’s never really written for the pop charts, nor has he spent a decade laying rhyming hyperbole on himself. As he has done in his career working with troubled youth, Mantra investigates the less glamorous side of reality, looking through a microscope at the violence and mental illness abundant in a modern man’s world.

Loved for his genuine honesty as much as his talent, Mantra is undeniably one of Australia’s pound-for- pound best. Back in full force with new album Scenefour, he continues to build a legacy that will live on far past his own time. History will tell what happened here.





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