Date: Saturday 12th August, 8.00pm
Gig: The Mech: Fire with Jess Cornelius, Laura JeanSui ZhenSarah Mary ChadwickSeagull, Summer Flake
Location: The Mechanics Institute, Apollo Bay
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Price: $75 + booking fee


Nic Brown and Misha Grace have an air of invincibility about them. Immortality even. They’re friendships (lower case, higher hands) an audio/visual 2 piece from Melbourne who play chaotic future sounds, storming drum’n’bass, post­Warp slammers and searing, ear­shearing techno. But the duo were nearly scythed into one when Grace had a fall from, well, grace last year. Misha dropped 5 metres off a roof at an after party in Brooklyn at CMJ New York and very nearly slipped off this mortal coil. “I honestly thought she was dead,” her soulmate/bandmate Brown said. “Her eyes were in the back of her head and she wasn’t breathing.”

Grace escaped with only a broken humerus and Brown completed the tour himself. He got by. Now they’re back at full strength and feeling immortal as they prepare to release Nullarbor 1988­1989 on September 30 via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records in partnership with US based label Mansion.




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