Festival Director – Roderick Poole. Otways farmer of free-range pigs, cows, sheep, alpacas, chickens, grower of truffles and brewer of fine ales. Erstwhile free-range street performer. Occasional director of free-ranging arts festivals.

Executive Producer – Libby Riches. Professional greenie, erstwhile archaeologist, novice kendoka. Drives a 6 burner stovetop with a dual valve bialetti and takes her coffee, spirits and phone conversations short and straight up.

Art Director – John Riches. General factotum (hope that isn’t a tautology). Photo-chemical landscape practitioner background, architectural drafting midground with a wooden foreground.

Volunteers & Galleries – Nattie Murray. Nattie volunteers to organise volunteers finding the “common” in community. If she is not volunteering, she is helping out, or being a Mum. She is readily identifiable in pink or purple children’s clothing and loves hugs.

Festival Dude – Scotty McAllester. Scotty is a polymath from Beech Forest (Where?) in the Otway’s South Western Victoria. He connects the dots and sees the patterns. He has been instrumental in programming.

Small Venue Team – Liz Waters & Karlijn Sas. Liz is a former restauranteur, hospitality teacher, small sustainable farmer, always passionate foodie, currently in the business of cider. She is still trying to work out what I want to be when I grow up.

Karlijn puts víkingar blood in the WinterWild group. This poor excuse for a Viking came here by plane and now tries to compensate by seafaring in weekends. She specialises in arts, sustainability and hospitality and likes playing the ukelele softly while following people across the Apollo Bay foreshore.

Content Manager – Pete Mawhinney. Pete is an Honours student in Professional and Creative Writing at Deakin University, where he also tutors at the Institute of Koorie Education. He is the founder and organiser of the Apollo Bay Writers Festival. Pete has been published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and The Journal of Supernatural Literature. Twice a week, Pete dresses up like a samurai and practises kendo with some of the locals.

Festival Creative – Finglesin. 

Born in 1975 Finglesin is a prolific self taught Sculptor and Photographer. Finglesin now resides on the deep south coast of Victoria exploring its forests and oceans and is exercising his joys, loves, fears and dreams through fine timber, steel and concrete.

Marketing Team – Rebekah Malherbe & Bill Hurley Fraser

Bill is a skateboarding vinyl hawker with a background in the music industry. An Apollo Bay local who is freshly cultured from the last few years fermenting on the European festival and event circuit. Someone who works closely with food and beer on and off the clock. Bill will most likely be seen Djing on your iPod at your after party.

Production Manager – David Capon

Programming Enigma – Samaan Fieck

Festival Consultant – Ian Bracegirdle

Festival Foodie – Holly Munday


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