Sittin' 'round the fire



Date: Saturday 1st July, 6.00pm
Location: Apollo Bay foreshore
Tickets: Not required
Price: Free


The Dog Watch is the evening watch. We sit the Dog Watch in the gathering darkness, the ocean at our back and the fire burning its beacon into the night.

The Dog Watch: Water reminds us that this is the Shipwreck Coast. It reminds us that the ocean was the first way here, through the Roaring Forties and the wildness of the Bass Strait. Nat Grant will create the soundscape against which a sea creature will emerge. This creature has been brought to being by Festival Director Roderick Poole, founder of performance ensemble Strange Fruit. Mind Your Groove will dance against Peter Day‘s sculptural backdrop.

The WinterWild brazier, which is being fabricated in the heart of the Otways, will have completed its long journey to the beach and the massive steel hull will throw out its light for the first time.We are water. We are salt. We are darkness. We are WinterWild.



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