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WinterWild 2020 – Statement from the Festival Committee

Playing it safe is not really in the DNA of WinterWild, but in these times of extraordinary disruption, we have decided to cancel plans for our August 2020 event. We feel it is only responsible for us to pull the plug early and avoid letting people down further down the track. Gatherings of 500 people or more outdoors and 100 or more indoors are at the heart of every WinterWild program and we cannot conceive of changing this in the short term. Even if the situation improves by August, the lead-up would include community meetings large and small, rehearsals involving 30 – 50 people and dependence on local businesses and services that are already beginning to struggle. Lord knows that by August, the people of Victoria are going to be in need of a huge celebration, and we would love to ride that wave, but there is just too much uncertainty between now and then. WinterWild is an event that runs on very little money, but a great deal of goodwill and volunteer commitment. Making this call early and definitively will give us all a chance to re-group and keep dreaming of big things. We still have some fantastic ideas in mind and some wonderful artists we want to work with. Our discussions and planning will continue and although the results of this work are unlikely to be seen this year they will form the foundations for our festival in August 2021. Trust that we are hugely disappointed in this situation, but we are going to come out swinging in 2021 and beyond. See you at the end of the curve.

The WinterWild Festival Committee – 20 March, 2020

A festival of all arts held deep in the Otways winter.

Don’t look away.


WinterWild is held on Gadabanud Country.

Sovereignty was never ceded.

Respect to the Maar Nation elders, the holders of knowledge and keepers of stories.